Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Adventuress WIP 2

Adventuress WIP 2

I worked on most critique points people gave me after the first update, I think the cloth in the pants is looking a lot more natural and I think the overall form is a bit better, the boots haven't really been worked on again yet, but I think I'm going to move onto the torso for now, I'll be back around once I've actually gotten the rest of the parts to about the same finish.

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AngryPolygon said...

J-wow. things are looking better. do you have the whole character blocked in? you should throw up a shot of that if you do. if you don't, I'd get her blocked in before going any further w/ the detail. the tush is looking better, but now the front area/crotchal reigons need a bit of formatic love. check out my man hanno's work on his site. he works at naughty dog, specifically the winter outfit for elena. got some goodness going on w/ tight pants.