Monday, June 1, 2009

Which one!?

I ended up not abiding my own goal to keep today as a work free day, I was too excited about a new character that instead of going off of the previously shown Nun character I decided to just go ahead and do a ton of new silhouette sketches, and I picked 3 that I liked and refined them!

And I'm sure you're asking yourself now: "3 Silhouettes you say?! but there are FOUR Silhouettes in the image above!"

And to THAT I answer:
The 4th silhouette is a joke character, I just want to see if someone recognizes who it is, (my guess is Ricardo will laugh ones he realizes who the 4th character is) I don't think I will model character number 4 but if enough of you like her over the other three characters... I might consider it...

ANYWHO! Just tell me which one you think will create the most interesting character!
ANY suggestions are welcome
Just looking for some input since I'm away from school it's hard to get a good discussion started (that and It gives me something to entertain myself with...) but I'm going to try my darnedest!


The Kilted Scholar said...

I like number 3.

John Patrick Ward said...

I kinda just realized that number 2 is actually more like 2 characters... OH well... doesn't matter!

Kathleen Foucart said...

2's neat looking. I kinda like 1, also.

Oh, and as soon as I get to talk to Bryan (whenever I can get him down here...) we're going to talk website some more, so, FYI, I might be poking at you again soonish.

Cado said...

mmph mhphm mhmm!

oh, and 2+4. DO IT!

Christina Barrera said...

I liked 1 and 2. 3 looks obviously like a dwarf and is like other dwarf characters, and 4 is not yours so its not as exciting. I really liked them, they look cool! And ricardo laughed really hard at number 4.

Andy said...

Go with number 2. He looks like a badass.