Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Start of Concept!

Just basic color Ideas... I know it's not done (you can blame Civ for that) but It should be done tomorrow!
I decided to go with the little demon boy for a few reasons,
1. Time, I want to see if I can get this done before or shortly after pre-college starts up and number 2 (the characters everyone seemed to like) was TWO characters so... basically twice as much work/time! especially in the concept phase!
2. I wanted to do something that was basically humanoid, The Demon boy is basically a stylized human character and I wanted something that had a regular mouth, hands, eyes, and feet, because my squid guy didn't have any humanoid features other than it's body shape and eyes so I really wanted something humanesqe
3. I had a clear image in my head of how the Boy would look, act, move, ect... while number 2 is kinda... hit shit, make it go dead... which is fun! but the Boy has more personal possibilities and possible interest in animating him or at least rigging and posing him (especially facial rigging!)

I just wanted to explain before anyone starts going, BUT I WANTED TO SEE NUMBER TWO!

Number 2 (and 2.5) will come to life probably after pre-college, but I promise you he will exist in glorious 3D!

I'm having so much fun working again on a character... I hate to say it but I think I enjoy developing characters more so than developing environments... oh well... could just be I've just been frustrated with my past attempts at environments...

UGH I really got to stop posting on my blog at 3AM! but I'm just psyched to have a new project!


Janna Morton said...

Awesome! I really like this guy! Is that a fez or a giant button on his head? Or both??

John Patrick Ward said...

well it's supposed to be a broken horn but I was just laying down flat colors but when I finish the painting it should be more apparent...

Janna Morton said...

Ah, I see! I'm sure it'll make more sense when you get to rendering it more.