Monday, March 22, 2010

Cloud Harvester

3D model for an Illustration Concepts II assignment, it's going to be used as part of a Flaming Lips' "Clouds Taste Metallic" album design, it's not just going to be renders of the tank, but It's going to be a full composition.
I've probably spent around 12 hours on the design and building of this model... now on to the actual Illustrated composition!
BTW: It's a cloud harvesting machine, It's essentially a lasso tank... shooting lassos and harvesting the gooey interiors of clouds... YUP! It's for a Flaming Lips album... I can be as strange as I want!


Stephen said...

Looks Great John Nice Work!!!

Jack said...

That's a pretty sinister looking cloud harvester, John.

Looks really good, I like the soft feeling of the material, and the pastel colors.

It feels a little too cute and modern for pink floyd, but that doesn't really bother me. Good job Mister Ward.

AngryPolygon said...

looking good brother!