Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cards! for Concepts 1

Our first assignment for Concepts class is another Playing Cards assignment! Last assignment of last semester and first assignment of THIS semester! Just plain crazy... ANYWHO! My playing new fancy playing cards are Video Game System based, each suit is based on one of the four first generations of Home Video Game systems

Spades:1st Gen
Diamonds: 2nd Gen
Spades: 3rd Gen
Hearts: 4th Gen
If you need to know more go here!
I've got the 8 of Hearts as the Game Boy and the 10 of Spades as the Sears Pong System! I still have the Ace of Hearts to go before I'm done... and hopefully I can get it done before 8pm tomorrow! (when the Print Lab closes!)
Tell me what you think!

EDIT: I didn't put the Suit or the number because the Illustrations were supposed to be the focus so... ya... if I were to print them as cards I would put the number and suit on them.

EDIT 2: Added my Ace of Hearts! The Trio is complete!

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Janna Morton said...

Looking really good, John! Did you decide not to add the tape to the back of the gameboy? I kind of liked that idea.