Wednesday, May 27, 2009

steam-punk WIP 4

I'm just posting for progress, This is what I have done with my re-concepted furnace/boiler/generator... in my earlier "concept" I did wasn't sufficient... let alone interesting enough to follow through with... I really just rushed to build the thing without thinking too much about it... so I put a lot of research into it and now it's supposed to be a scavenged steam-engine modified to generate electricity.... A lot of the bits and pieces are missing (a lot of the parts that actually make it a 2-way valve system for instance) but this is the over-all look of the thing, all I need to do is add some magnets around the generator and all of the smaller parts of the 2-way valve system ... ya that's a long description... This isn't the whole scene because I haven't worked on the other parts recently, this is just for the engine.

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Lisa said...

This is great!